What is Mastercard Send?

Mastercard Send is a first-of-its-kind interoperable global platform developed by Mastercard Send that aims to simplify and enhance the cross-border payments experience for businesses and consumers. It utilizes real-time payment rails, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence to enable faster, more secure, and more transparent transactions. It enables funds to be sent quickly and securely via three payment flows:

  1. Disbursements - payments from governments, businesses, and non-profits to consumers via their bank accounts or mobile wallets
  2. Domestic P2P - payments between two consumers in one countr
  3. Cross-border P2P - payments between two consumers in different countries

While most electronic P2P and Disbursements' solutions rely on slow, batch-oriented ACH methods, the Mastercard Send Send solution leverages debit networks to move funds, typically within seconds. Mastercard Send Send is unique: funds can be transferred to virtually all debit cards and, in most cases, funds can be transferred typically within seconds. Through a set of APIs, a service provider can request a transfer through a sending acquirer, which Mastercard Send then routes to any bank accounts via a debit card regardless of the brand.

Mastercard Send is a break-through in domestic and cross-border transfer

acute Fast

24/7/365 access to funds anytime. Enable payments to occur typically within seconds.

assured_workload Safe

Mastercard Send Send uses transaction limits and cross-border blocks to avert money laundering.

send_money Cost-effective and Efficient

Mastercard Send Send makes digital payments effortless and more efficient.

lan Easy to use and interoperable

Mastercard Send Send connects users with different payment networks across the globe – all through one digital hub.

language Greatest Reach globally

Mastercard Send Send reaches virtually all consumers with / without a Mastercard debit card as well as banked and unbanked recipients globally.

Why is Mastercard Send far superior to other solutions?

hub Interoperability

You get access to different payment networks across the globe, all through one digital hub.

globe_asia Reach

You can reach virtually all Asia Pacific consumers with both Mastercard and non-Mastercard debit cards.

acute Speed

Consumers receive funds in their bank account typically with in seconds, enabling funds for use almost immediately.

currency_exchange Access

Recipients are able to access their funds in near real-time instead of waiting days for checks and ACH transfers to process.